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Au Départ Paris

Au Départ (which translate as "At the departure") is a Parisian trunkmaker founded in Paris in 1834. Au Départ is considered as one of four greatest French trunk-makers alongside Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat. Au Départ was founded in 1834 upon the advent of railway travel. In 1847, a shop trading under Au Départ selling luggage and travel goods shop opened at 7 boulevard Denain in Paris, opposite the Gare du Nord, a railway station inaugurated the year before on 14 June 1846. The shop Au Départ located at Boulevard de Denain was acquired in 1871 by two brothers, Ernest (born in 1846) and Paul Bertin (born in 1854). This boutique specialized in guns, ammunitions, travel, as well as hunting and fishing goods. Their travel section displayed many different types of trunks (namely postal trunks, rounded trunks, canteen trunks, wicker trunks, flat trunks, wooden trunks covered in a brown canvas, "anglaise" trunks made out of wicker and covered in leather, automobile trunks, etc.), leather suitcases, handbags and stocked vanity cases. The business flourished and a second shop, trading under Au Départ, was opened in Paris at 29, Avenue de l'Opéra in 1874. The brothers invented several related techniques which they were to patent, namely a new production technique for trunks and a new process to render hides and leather products completely waterproof. Au Départ brand was relaunched in April 2019 upon the Milan Design Week in Italy, with an installation of old trunks from the Au Départ historical archive and the introduction of new trunks. Au Départ released a new collection of trunks and bags featuring the signature monogram motif upon a launch on Paris' historic rue Saint Honoré in 2019 available within a selection of high-end retailers. CREDO is very proud that they have been selected out of this small group of high-end multibrand retailers worldwide.